Services For Members

Help Line

Email or phone us for help, advice and support.

Helpful Leaflets

Helpful and informative care leaflets provided as part of your membership pack.

Tortoise Rehoming

If you need to rehome your tortoise our service can help find the perfect new home.

Frequent Clinics

Monthly clinics for Chelonian health checks and an opportunity to meet other members of our community.

Members' Magazine

Regular newsletter sharing Chelonian stories from our community and advice from our more experienced keepers.

Egg Incubation

Our service removes the hassle or challenge of incubating your tortoise's eggs at home.

Tortoise Adoption

Join our community adoption list, whether seeking your first pet or looking for a friend for your tortoises.

About Our Clinics

Our regular clinics for society members on the last Sunday of each month offer a range of services to support the healthcare of your tortoises and are also a great place to meet the Sussex Chelonian Society team and other members of our community face-to-face for a chat and advice.

General Health ChecksWormingMicrochippingSexingIdentification of SpeciesNail and Beak Trimming