Thank you for your interest in rehoming a tortoise.

The society welcomes new members who are existing keepers, and tries to be honest with new applicants who want to join, thinking it would be an easy way to get a tortoise. Those without tortoises should live in the area covered by the society, should understand that they are not small childrens pets and should not be kept by families with terrier-type dogs. These days, tortoises are specialist items and you owe it to them to learn and care for them properly before deciding whether owning one is right for you. It can be at least a 90-year commitment. To achieve this we have the following policies in place for rehoming:

  • Members of the society must be over 16 years of age.
  • When rehoming a tortoise it is without the permission to sell it or give it away.
  • Any change in circumstances should result in the tortoise(s) being returned to the society or at the very least communicated to the society.
  • Having rehomed a tortoise from the society, members are asked to renew their membership for at least the following 2 years.
  • The mixing of species will be avoided where possible.
  • When rehoming a tortoises from the society it is on the basis of what is best for its welfare and not because it is just "wanted".
  • If the society is given the choice of rehoming a tortoise to a family with or without the following: Terrier-type dog, pre-school children or unfenced garden/ponds. Priority would be given to a home without the aforementioned hazards for the health of the tortoise.
  • Due to the fact the society tries to promote responsible breeding; priority may be given to owner(s) with different gender, same species.
  • Current members and tortoise owners may also have priority, especially if they have been a member for a long time and have shown a true dedication for the correct care for a tortoise.
  • Current members that attend the clinics and ask the right questions will be noticed and possibly given priority over a not so active member.
  • Volunteers can often be found tasks to help the society!!