What About Me?

First of all may I just say that we at the Sussex Chelonian Society understand that this can be a sensitive subject.We also feel it is our responsibility to inform you of the options available to you and your Pet(s).

This may be for example in the event of:

  • Financial difficulties
  • Illness
  • Hospitalisation
  • Elderly age
  • Change of circumstances

Over the years members like your self have seeked advice from the Society on such subjects. Another instance in which advice has been given is when the writing of a Will is being considered, in some cases an amendment to a pre existing Will (a codicil) is an option both of which can clearly outline the wishes you have for the care of your charge(s) in the event of your demise. Some of our members have nominated a friend or relative should their circumstances change who are happy to take on the care and responsibility of their pet(s). In this situation the Society would like to continue with the advice, care and support offered should the new owners wish to continue the membership.

An alternative option for members who do not have a suitable or willing adoptee, is the Society, we do not charge for this service. We’ve had a number of tortoises Willed to the society all of which have been successfully re homed to caring experienced members who continue their membership after adoption allowing us to follow the progress and continue with all previous support. For more information feel free to contact the society.

*Advice offered by the society should not be confused with that of a legal professional.